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Originally Posted by hawkfan369 View Post
What's really strange to why are you giving me so much shit about this? really...what did I do to you? Your name isn't Vlad is it?

I already explained. I'm a big Hendrix fan who finally found a decent Hendrix board after all these years. Have you ever seen any of the other laughable attempts at Hendrix chat boards on the internet? Most of them are crude format and the last entry is from years ago. Crosstown is salivatingly excellent. The graphics are well-attended, interesting, and of high resolution quality. It has people who obviously know their Hendrix stuff.

So, honestly, shoot me for asking this, but don't you think it is a little weird taunting people, singling them out for ridicule, and isolating them with disparagement for simply pointing out that it is a little bizarre that, despite all assurances otherwise, you still can't get on? Why should any life-long Hendrix fan, whose only offense is simply being guilty of strangely being pre-empted from Crosstown, have to explain anything in the first place? What is the offense there? I don't get it?

Crosstown is still lacking registration features and graphics from my end.
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