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Re: Transfering music from cassette tape to hard drive ?


Originally Posted by Tape_Trader
How to record a show from cassette to your computer by Cryptic Tate..

First get yourself an old school pioneer or sony DUAL cassette deck (or reel to reel) that has auto reverse that can be set on two way only function.

Get a 6 foot RCA male to male pair (red and black tips) these are connected to a ¼ inch headphone jack that you will also need and to your tape deck unit.

Tape deck >> RCA OUT >> ¼ headphone style adaptor jack from radio shack >> computer (line in) or (mic in)..

Deciding line in or mic (I had this headache before!)

Line in should be used when available and mic should be used say on a laptop computer that does not have a line in.

If you open your volume control by double clicking it go to options>>properties>>click recording>> make sure the “line in” “microphone” and “stereo mixer” tabs are all checked at least.

You can only select one at a time so this will be trial and error on a desktop. Select “line in” on the soundcard there will be at least 3 holes for sound use.. choose the black one with the symbol “i” or at least it looks like that.. That will be “line in” have that selected in your volume control.

Next you will need a program for ripping and I use a free program I enjoy called “audacity”…

Fire that up and click record.. while watching the wavelength you can adjust the sound level higher or lower using BOTH the master record control in volume properties and the Line in or MIC control in Audacity..

When you are finished you may highlight songs and “export selection” if you have time or “export” as wav files.. It is time consuming and lots of fun.

Sneak a recorder in a show or just ask for permission printing off your shared torrent page to show a musician or manager and get board access! Thanks and good luck

Any typos of lack of communication is due to lack of sleep! I hope this was helpful

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I really like this meat-and-potatoes tutorial that was posted many times on EZT. I have a couple things to add:

First, set Audacity up like this:
file > preferences > quality

while we're in settings it is a good idea to set spectograms to show the higher frequencies:
file > preferences > spectrograms

Now with a bit of trial and error you should be ready to record. Make sure the highest spikes don't clip (hit the top). Ideally you're looking for as strong a signal as possible before clipping.

after that you just trim blank tape at the edges and middle and cut the show up. you can cut on sector boundaries or even easier just encode with FLAC frontend with "align on sector boundaries" enabled. Then you name them, figerprint them, maybe even tag them and write the .txt file and put everything in a folder with the same name as you want on the torrent.
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