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Re: FLAC, SHN, Conversions, etc...A virtual potpourri

OK...I just ran downloaded dbPowerAmp and ran it through a battery of tests. I made up a sample batch of .wav files, some with SBEs and some without. I then compressed to SHN and FLAC, and both outputted identical shntool md5s as the original WAV. I then compressed the SHNs directly to FLAC in batch, and back. Again, identical.

I honestly can't figure out where I got those errors I experienced before, but I am content right to say that dbPowerAmp appears up to the job.

I still recommend not deleting the input files until you run a BitVerify with foobar2000 or shntool -comp check to ensure that the result files are acoustically identical to the input files. ALWAYS double check your work. I cant stress this point enough..

I would continue to use dbPowerAmp if you like it, and if you run a comparison of the audio fingerprint on both files and it results the same, you know your files are the same and can move on an delete the originals.

I know I experienced some flaky behavior with this a while back, but I honestly can't repeat it and will say for now that I think this is sound software. If you ever do experience a changed fingerprint as the result of dbPowerAmp, please let me know and we'll try to pinpoint exactly how and why is messed up. If not, I'll assume I screwed up somehow back then and leave it at that...
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