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Re: Best way to store all these downloads?

If you really want to get serious about cataloging, you might want to look in some discographical software. The difference is that discographical sessions concentrates on sessions for research purposes, whereas most software is (as you've found) about creating an 'inventory' and usually of actual releases.

For example, Brian is price-free and runs on Macs and Windows. I've considered buying an iMac just to run Brian.

But the idea of discographical software is to keep track of sessions which includes all of those one-off performances and videos, etc. Basically Brian acts as a front end to a relational database.

Note that the level of detail that it provides is total overkill for the non-anal:

why session approach:

Brian is a tool used by the jazzdiscography project and all of the links can be found off the page, but there is no central page so that's why the multiple links above.

(If anyone knows an open source functional equivalent of Brian or another disco graphical program, let me know. The only one that is close is recdb, which was hot stuff in 1996, but hasn't been updated in forever and has some real limitations.)
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