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Re: Question About Upgrading CPU's Memory

its not dual channel.......some goofy ass type of RAM that DOES have to be run in pairs...........

i had ran into the same trouble with my dads Dell last year when he thought he needed more RAM (and an upgrade to XP)

we shopped around some and i ended up building a new computer for him

i agree with you guys tho....more RAM might not be the answer..........

my guess is that it would be a bandwidth issue if she trying to surf while youre downloading

if the computer just generally runs slow while youre downloading it MIGHT be a RAM issue

part of your troubles might be the fact that you are running in a 5:4 divider

you have VERY good latency numbers on the ram your using personally kick them up a notch and try to run in 1:1 before id spend any money

the 5:4 divider will slow the RAM down.........and create a bottleneck.....

what version of windows?? ME? or XP?

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