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Re: Question About Upgrading CPU's Memory

I would check and see if you have two available slots before ordering...
and if your complaints are with surfing the internet while downloading that will not get ANY better no matter how fast your computer or ram is. You are likely maxing out your upload and the computer is unable to make confirmations. Adding ram will only have a marginal improvement if you are trying to do two highly memory intensive things like say running three torrents and trying to render video... (which would be a REALLY bad idea). I also doubt you have dual channel ram hence the requirement for two ram at a time... Dell usually doesn't know what they're talking about. Open the case and see if you have the slots avail. and in which manner the ram is placed. This will clue you in whether your mother board suppoorts dual channel ram. GOOD LUCK
Are you getting the your computer is low on virtual memory error? have you checked how much ram you are actually using? Often times people think they need ram and they don't... If you're getting the low on virtual memory error... you're computer is using the hard disc to recover space that isn't available on the ram. If this is the case you need more mem... if you're not I would bet you don't need it.
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