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Re: Question About Upgrading CPU's Memory

Originally Posted by rerem
You have 1 stick of 512mb,you do not need a pair as I doubt you run dual channel Ram on a P4 of that vintage. Are you sure about the PC 2700? You can get youur puter to tell you what your 512 is. New Egg is great,best price,fast shipping-there are even reviews which give useful clues as to what sucks
I often have a high speed DSL fed window or 2 open while making cover art in photo impact and converting flac>wave in dbPower amp,can't do that with auzeris,but with Bit Tornado often have 2 windows running and doing graphics or conversions....and that's with 64 mb of slow old Ram. Get a faster HDD,you have enough RAM unless doing heavy Photoshop and multiple downloads. The difference between a 5400 rpm drive and a 7200 rpm is significant. Ideally you have 2 HDD's,one where your torrents-flacs-waves,live,another where the OS,Software live. One drive is writing your incoming torrents uninterrupted,the other is doing the other stuff,uninterrupted

...also,it is not your CPU's memory. The CPU has a "cache" a built in fast-access memory,and it is relatively a lot smaller and can not be added to. RAM is more like system memory,or the motherboards memory. Adding RAM is rather easy BUT learn abot anti-static precautions. Not handling the typical computer internal parts correctly can do damage. Otherwise,HDD or RAM is easy,15 min stuff.
I have a pair and I need another pair of 256s (that would be 4 x 256 for a gig). That info I posted is directly from Dell. I typed in the unique service code tag number for my computer and Dell told me exactly what I need to get. Also, it specifically states in the book that came with the computer that memory must be purchased and installed in pairs. Lastly, here is the output from CPU-Z's report of what I have (that's a nifty little program, BTW):

DRAM Size 512 MBytes
DRAM Frequency 166.2 MHz
CAS# Latency 2.5 clocks
RAS# to CAS# 3 clocks
RAS# Precharge 3 clocks
Cycle Time (TRAS) 7 clocks
# of memory modules 2
Module 0 Micron Technology DDR-SDRAM PC2700 - 256 MBytes
Module 1 Micron Technology DDR-SDRAM PC2700 - 256 MBytes

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think I am going to buy some more memory and get it from Newegg. I can get two Viking 256 meg memory cards for what one costs at Dell. Definitely glad I asked the question.


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