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Re: Recording XM

Originally Posted by wharfrat73
All FM sources are lossy. They always have been. The question is is there a less loss source available. That, my friends, is a fine line to walk; is there - will there ever be - a TRUE SBD source available or is the best available a lossy frequency modulated source.
Absolutely right. EVERYTHING is lossy, as it has to, in some way, interpret natural sound pressure fluctuations percieved by the brain as audio and record it onto some kind of media....this transition constitutes loss.

The main thrust of lossless trading stems from the belief that, once something is recorded, it should remain identical each time it is copied. Lossy codecs decrease the quality with each transfer, and to promote the idea that everyone should get equal access to identical audio, lossless codecs are used.

It is a physical fact that FM, XM, and even CD and SBD are lossy in comparison to the true signal, but this fact is beside the point here. Seeding XM radio brings about a slew of legal issues that I would rather not confront here on this site. I am sure there are places on the internet to attain this material if one is resourceful enough....
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