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Re: How do I burn .flac & .shn files onto an audio CDR?

I for one would love to check out your revamped trading guide 101.

I prefer to trade for data discs but sometimes (especially with some rarer stuff) the only way I can get it is as an audio cdr... or even a cassette! I then do my research online and send a few pms and emails to try to get short samples from ppl of existing versions of the show which are circulating (if there are any) to make a judgment as to whether the "new" source is different than what's circulating (same taper or not) and also whether the "new" source sounds any cleaner or not. By listening carefully to the crowd noise around the taper I can also determine if the "new" source is from a different taper.

I got a ton of cassette stuff from a friend... some of the tapes are original masters, some are lowgens which widely circulate as a much higher gen, some are highgens which widely circulate as much lowergens and some are even taped from very old bootleg vinyl etc.

hope all that jargon makes some sense...
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