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Re: How do I burn .flac & .shn files onto an audio CDR?

Kurt and Vegas and any other noobs...

i'll break down "how i do it" just to give you an idea...note: i'm no expert or anything, but i've been a vinyl collector for years now, have worked in recording, and am pretty anal about audio might not be as anal from a collecting standpoint, but you should attempt to hold the highest standards for *everyone's* sake, since alot of people in the trading community are audiophiles...that said...

i pretty much trade strictly in lossless data format...when i get a set of shows in, i usually copy the show's folder to my comp, decode them to .wav and burn em for listening...i then just archive the data disc i received...

i'd say about 10% of the time i might get something in audio cdr format...
--i extract the disc [using EAC...properly configured for my system]
--i then take the resulting set of .wav files and create a .md5 checksum for the .wav files [using md5summer]
--next, i encode the .wav files to flac [level 8] using Trader's Little Helper.
--i then create a flacfingerprint checksum [.ffp] using TLH.
--i'll also search various online sites [such as] to see if i can find any info re: the show, as well as any previous checksums which i can compare against the ones i just made [if so, i'll usually put them in the info text file along with the shows details, setlists, etc]

now yer ready to archive...
--i create a folder with the bands name, date, and lossless format [i'll make one up - ledzep1972-05-12flac]
--inside this folder i'll place the show's .flac files, BOTH the .wav & .flac checksums (.md5 & .ffp), and the info text file (.txt)...
--i burn this folder to disc using data format [ISO9660] and archive.

The audio cd i received, i then use to listen to the show in the car or wherever...doesn't matter if it gets scratched cuz i've got the data archived.

hope this helps a little...i'll try to "resurrect" the Trading 101 guide and talk to some of the Mods about possibly gettin a version of it available...SLAINTE!
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