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Why is ratio so important?

I was in another thread, and read this:
Originally Posted by bullpinjohn View Post
If your ratio sucked, I wouldn't do it.
I can understand the fundamental reasons for the ratio, as it makes you part of the community instead of just a leech. But sometimes having a high ratio doesn't mean anything other than "I like (and download) the same things everybody else does".

I don't download many things, but when I do, it's often something unique or unusual -- and apparently unpopular. For example: silent films, uncommon Linux ISOs, custom artwork. There have been times that I've left something up for more than a month to seed, and not one person downloaded from it! Also throw in the fact that my ISP upload speed sucks, so even when somebody wants something, it isn't very fast.

So sometimes a low ratio isn't for a lack of trying!

Was just wondering what the prevailing thought is around here.
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