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Re: How do I burn .flac & .shn files onto an audio CDR?

Originally Posted by vegas_jay
Most trades I have done (I am new so the number is not real big) have been audio CDs. I have never asked anybody to just send FLACs and I have only been asked to do it that way one time. But what I do when trade discs come in is extract the waves with EAC, convert them to FLACs, then archive the FLACs on DVD. If I were just being sent FLACs it would save a step for me, but I suppose not everybody uses a similar system.
as Five said, the majority of us prefer "data" format, since each time you extract an audio cdr, you have more of a chance to introduce glitches and errors [sort of like copying a cassette over and over]...when trading in data [flac/shn/etc] you eliminate this possibility, as well as have the ability to pass on checksums, etc., which most tradres want to have for authenticating a show...
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