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Re: Recording XM

Originally Posted by Five
Thanks for the info, Jack. Going with the compression argument, older FMs are safe, perhaps the newer ones will need more investigation. We don't want to enforce a blanket ban on all FM sources since obviously there is no lossy source involved with a 1989 FM like the one I seeded recently. Should it come to light that all recent FM broadcasts have lossy in their lineage then perhaps we should make a "cutoff date". I believe, however, that there are still many FM stations that are broadcasting "traditional" non-mp3-sourced stuff.
Keep in mind it also depends on what is being seeded. Is it live in the studio? Is it a concert broadcast from MSG? If it's the latter it gets stepped on up and down, and that is before the STL's get it. The live in the studio still has to go through the STL's tho, and all STL's wether microwave or ISDN compress.......
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