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Re: How do I burn .flac & .shn files onto an audio CDR?

Originally Posted by kurt_fire

That's a link to dbPowerAMP. I downloaded the codecs, or whatever you call them, for .shn, .flac, .ogg, and one other I forget the extension. It appears to be a good program. Or do you think I should use Trader's Little Helper instead?

And by the way, thanks for all the quick help guys. I appreciate it bigtime
I use dbPowerAmp. I like it,but you know you need to have the flac + SHN plug-ins for it. I recently got little helper an aim to use it soon.
You CAN burn flac or shn to a DATA cd as storage,but no regular CD/DVD player will handle them,even if they do mp3 playback. One portable is working on flac compatibility
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