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Re: How do I burn .flac & .shn files onto an audio CDR?

Originally Posted by kurt_fire
dBPowerAMP Music Converter

So I'll just convert all of them to .wav
yes, IF dBPowerAMP Music Converter has the ability to decode .flac/.shn files [i've never used the program]

i would recommend using a more "tried & true" program can check the FAQ for recommend programs, however i like roann's Trader's Little Helper (he developed the program specifically for "trading" purposes] will pretty much "do" everything in re: to lossless music [except encoding .wav to lossless--this will be included in a future version] i have a feeling this program will become the "standard" soon, since it'll do what previously took 3 or 4 programs to do...i linked to it above^^^

Originally Posted by kurt_fire
and I still will be able to put 80 minutes of music onto a CDR and maintain the .flac sound quality?
yes you'll be able to put 80 mins of music onto a cdr, and it'll maintain the original .wav's sound quality [the .wav file before it was compressed to lossless format for seeding/trading]...
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