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Question About Upgrading CPU's Memory

OK, hereís a question for you guys. Iím running a Dell Dimension 4600 with 2.66 GHz Pentium 4 processor and 512 megs of RAM. It really is a pretty fast computer. I am thinking, however, of adding another 512 megs of RAM at a cost of $160. This is not to increase my DL speeds as I know it wonít do that. Rather, I am thinking that it should improve the performance of my PC when I am downloading 2, sometimes 3, shows, and trying to run other applications (or simply just using the computer for any purpose Ė obviously it should increase the machineís performance regardless of what Iím doing with it) . My wife complains that the computer is slow when I am downloading shows and she is correct. Anyone ever done this? How did it work out?

Also, I would be interested to know the cheapest place to buy memory. Looking at Dellís website, Best Buy, and CDW, it seems like Dell is the cheapest. Anyone ever bought memory and know of a good place to get it?


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