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Re: Download Speed

OK.. lets use the proper terms here. We're talking about kiloBITS (represented as Kbs) and kiloBYTES (represented as KBs) Small "k" or large "K" doesn't matter, small "b" versus large "B" does matter....

I'll assume your client upstream cap is set at 200 Kbs, that translates to roughly 25 KBs. You're saying your client is set for a maximum upload of 200 KiloBYTES per second, which would be wrong. Whatever your ISP's upstream cap is, your bit torrent client should be capped at 80% of that total.

All things considered, as I said before, it's not unusual to see these download speeds on some torrents. You will see as the torrent progresses, the speeds will vary. I'm downloading an REM show at DaD that had 18 seeds a couple hours ago, and was only getting 20KBs, and I just noticed that with 20 seeds I'm pulling between 80 - 130 KBs, so you see, it can change.

I've also found that if you're on a torrent like this fairly early, it really doesn't matter, because your downstream exceeds your upstream by so much, it will take a good amount of time to seed it back to a 1.00 ratio, so how long it takes to download is mostly a moot point.
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