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Originally Posted by phishcrow
Hi All.
I have been downloading a DVD and it is averaging about 8-10 KiB/s down and 23-29 KiB/s up. Is this a normal speed for new DVD torrents? It seems VERY slow. I've been on for almost 2 days and only have 1 Gig of 4.36 Gigs downloaded. It says it has 4 days left.

I am on a Mac using BitTorrent 4.0.2

Like Diggard said.. optimizing Bit Torrent performance is a balance of many factors. How many seeds AND peers are active in the swarm, and what is their upload cap. Are they firewalled ?? Is the torrent fully seeded, or is the oniginal seeder only upping one connection ? Are they SuperSeeding ?? How many torrents do you have running simultaneously, and how much bandwidth are you allocating to each one ? Are you oversaturating your OWN upload cap and slowing your download in the process (your client's upload cap should be set to 80% of your ISP's upload limit maximum speed)

All of these factors (and probably more) come into play, and while they might not ALL be active at one time, they all have to be considered. Also... download speeds can vary greatly during the course of completing a torrent, depending on when you join the swarm, and the generation of new seeds when the swarm matures.

Short answer... 8-10Kb down isn't unheard of. I often get speeds like that. I only worry when a 4gig DVD is trickling in at 2 or 3 Kb.. then it's gonna tie up a client slot for a real long time, and I'm not very happy with that.
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