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Originally Posted by uninvited94 View Post
When I look at the TTD-banner above, this may be the only of the things shown that is not allowed anymore. We should offer an alternate version of the banner with the MD-recorders and -tapes crossed out. I never totally was against MD-masters as, Ive said it often enough, there were things that probably never will be archieved anymore, and done with MD.

Not to parcitipate on a discussion and in no way forcing people to disrespect the rules, just a thought. The fact that there are WAV-recorders available for a reasonable price is important. Hopefully the tapers that did some wonders like that TOOL-capture have upgraded their gear as well.
Technically that TooL thread should be pulled, while we are all getting our dander up...

SHN > CDR > EAC > Wav

Extra Generation when a SHN fileset circulates.

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