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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Peaktime may have a bad ratio, but i don't give a rat's ass about that; the guy is a cool dude, making many fun contributions to The Lounge.
Pervesely, some of the biggest assholes i've come across have possessed superb ratios.
sorry, guys, i'm just not prepared to allow such trivial conditions to design my Christmas Card List.
Taking is an expression of appreciation, and appreciation is has an intrinsic tangential relationship with love. you could say that appreciation is an aspect of love.
when someone hits and runs on one of my uploads, i actually experience orgasm; but that's another thread.
i think it's great when people take music, because it validates the giving of the music.
and as i said before: it's nearly always the cats with the trashy ratios that take the time to say thanks!
Gratitude is also an aspect of love.
if you love the music, take it and give thanks. it could be that when you share the damn stuff back, you wind up sharing the music with someone that doesn't even know how to decode a FLAC file anyhow.
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