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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by mooncusser View Post
why bother, indeed? you feel entitled to do whatever you want because it's the internet.
don't worry, you're not the first
(and it might be considered free in terms of money exchanging hands, but it's not free in terms of other peoples effort and time)
No, I know how the system works. I passed sixth grade math.

Deflecting attention? Another tactic of someone who knows their position is weak. The seeders aren't the issue - unless you want to be one of those silly wanks who complains that your ratio can't improve because other people seed too much. The issue is people who take more than they give back.
You're one of those silly wanks who conveniently forgets or never read what was posted only 2 pages ago. Which is why it's dumb to keep this going.

It is nice to see you put a value on what seeders provide, though. Even though it's more rationalizing of your entitled take-what-I-want approach. How about the next person who wants the show? Are you gonna hop on and seed for them? Or are you going to leave it to someone else? We both know the answer to that.
I proposed the idea of a 'rescued torrents' statistic, which would be added to someone's stats if they revive a torrent with no seeders and help stranded leechers complete. I also proposed a 'time seeded' stat, which would indicate that someone is making an effort to seed, even if there are few or no leechers on a torrent. It was mentioned above that some people "don't want to seed." OK, so how does one know who wants to seed and who doesn't? Someone with a low ratio could be seeding some obscure, unpopular shows for months, but since this doesn't show up statistically, they'll still get smacked around for their ratio, with enlightened comments like this: "nice ratio douche! yeah, you're really making an effort to seed."

Interesting that you single minded data transfer neanderthals don't have any comment about that. It'll be about the raw upload and download numbers, and only those numbers until BT is no longer used.

so what if you had no internet connection at all? would that mean seeders should send you discs at their expense? (just going with an absurd extension of your logic)
Should they? No, you're missing the whole point....some people offer freebies with no strings. Maybe you think that freebies are absurd, or that those who send them are suckers for not getting anything in return...others call it generosity. As long as people are offering freebies, there will be people who will take them. You're acting like I'm demanding free stuff, or demanding more than I'm entitled to. Au contraire, I'm receiving a gift from people happy to give that gift. From the looks of your ratio, you like giving gifts as well.....or do you just use that big ratio as a cudgel to beat a guilt trip into n00bs who don't fully understand BT yet?

So you're basically admitting that you're lazy and impatient.

It's OK, we can get through this together.
Of course! The whole point of all of these rebuttals is to finally admit that I'm lazy and impatient, and that everyone can get to 1:1 no matter how slow their connection just have to work hard enough.

but, but, but!

you must haves it!
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