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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by mooncusser View Post
such as?
Why bother at this point? If you can't be bothered to address any of the many points that I and others have already made, then I'm not going to keep hammering away. You've got your bumper sticker and you like it.

Originally Posted by mooncusser View Post
if you mean the rationale of "I have slow bandwidth but still want to download all this stuff" you won't find sympathy from a lot of people. that sounds an awful lot like "I don't earn a lot of money but I'd like that brand new Mercedes SLK."
The problem here is that you are comparing something that must be acquired via a commercial transaction with something that is freely traded or given away for free.

Originally Posted by mooncusser View Post
either go slower, do b&p's or weeds/vines so you don't use ratio,
or download all you want and ignore the criticism.
those who argue with the criticism are aware that a crap ratio is the downloader's responsibility and not the fault of "the system."
(but they'll keep trying to justify it)
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No, I'm not aware that a crap ratio is always the downloader's responsibility, guess you haven't been keeping up with the discussion. You keep wanting to justify your unwavering "1:1 or you're a thief" viewpoint, while refusing to even acknowledge that viewpoints other than your own even exist.

Isn't it possible that there are users with very fast upload speeds who don't give a shit about others' ratios, and love to contribute to the site with their bandwidth? Imagine that, huh? All they are concerned with is distributing as many copies of the show as possible, and consider themselves fortunate to have their fast connection to be able to help out their fellow fans.
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