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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
You're assuming a finite number of leechers in a closed system. The situation is really open-ended. new people come in, new torrents go up.
sure, you can always add more people and torrents, but when someone is swinging their big ratio and stats around and slapping someone for not having good numbers, they don't say, "hey, don't worry about it man, new people will join and hop on the torrents you've downloaded so you can improve your ratio. take your time." they say you're a selfish bastard who is ruining a once great site. and then proceed to slap around those newly joined people for leeching a bunch of shows without giving anything back right away.

Also, torrents die. If you're in the last batch of people to grab a torrent before it dies, you aren't uploading any more on that one.

Originally Posted by rspencer
Besides, there are enough hit-and-run asses that purposely don't seed back that there is plenty of mathematical room for those that want to seed back.
really? there are plenty who love to park and seed and seed with their huge pipe that even if some people hit and run, it's still impossible for those with a slow connection who want to seed.

which statement is true depends what the numbers really are, and you didn't supply any...but neither did I.

Originally Posted by peaktime
And this comes at the expense of those with slower connections or who don't spend much time seeding.
Originally Posted by rspencer
Biggest factor right there. Hs nothing to do with anyone's connection speed. If you don't stay on a torrent to seed it, obviously your ratio will not improve due to seeding.
yeah I knew this would be picked apart. for someone on the lower end of the b/w spectrum, it could take months and months of seeding just to break even. and some people don't have the patience, CPU/RAM, or drive space to seed dozens of torrents for months on end and just give up.

maybe you think that everyone should maintain a great ratio no matter what their connection is, but I don't.

I think the greater tragedy is that some average or low speed people maybe don't get all the shows they really want because they are worried about public opinion of their ratio. Meanwhile, someone with a fiber connection and a 189.07 ratio would be more than happy to hook them up with 30 minutes of their seeding time, but average speed person doesn't bother downloading because he's sitting on 4 other torrents that aren't uploading very much...and he's getting flack for his ratio after saying thanks in one of them.
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