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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

it's ok, some people just aren't good at math

here's an example of a torrent being initially seeded with 100 leechers. some of those users will upload at 3 MBps, some at 1 MBps, some at 500 kBps, some at 250, some at 100, 50, 25, 15. Most people's download capabilities are much higher than their upload. The swarm starts and the race is on. By the time the torrent has been initially seeded, those with the highest rates will have given back 50 times, 10 times, 7 times, etc. more than they have taken, and those with the lowest will have ratios in the .10, .20, .30 range. And some of those really fast pipes may stick around to seed for another week or two. Some more leechers may join in, and then the torrent's popularity dies down a lot. Another torrent pops up, and the same 100 people are interested in it, and the same thing happens.

You can't have loads and loads of oversharers giving more than they take without people to give it to! And this comes at the expense of those with slower connections or who don't spend much time seeding. The overall ratio of a torrent community's members will be 1.0, which means that some will be higher, and some will be lower necessarily in order to balance out to 1.0. It's impossible for everyone to get to 1.0 or higher.
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