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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by J.R. Ewing View Post
the answer is to encourage an ego-war in which people that upload more than they download are revered beyond all logic; you'll see folk wearing their ratios like bling.
Some people have ego's the size of the solar system but that doesn't change the way the torrent system works.Some would wear the bling, but probably only in their own eyes. It does not impress me that someone has uploaded 2TB and downloaded 50GB, just to use some numbers.
If someone has High Speed Internet and leaves there system on 24/7 their "ratio" would go through the roof. At least they give back.

I understand that we all start somewhere and need to learn the game but after awhile you get a sense of what to do - mostly.
" Your tin cup and string "recorder" is worse than a Zoom, which is saying a lot".
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