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Files on DVD not showing up?

I have just recently burned a Data DVD disc with 4.6 GB of Pearl Jam audio in FLAC.

Now, I burned through Nero and I was told that the burn was successful and no errors.

I popped my DVD+R into my DVD+R/RW drive just to check it all out and make sure everything was just fine and dandy; I come to realize it isn't.

I browse to my DVD Drive to view the files and the disc shows that it's empty with 0 free space.

So I tried burning the files again with the same disc thinking maybe luck of the draw, I put it on Simulation at first.

Nope, the disc is full.

There's no hidden files on here , and I tried reading my other DVD+R discs (same brand) and they read fine.

Maybe just a bad disc here?
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