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Re: MD master

I see no point in this thread, everything's said, no MD recordings that were made after 1/1/2008. I personally do not have anything against MD recordings as long as they sound good to me, though I must admit, I can tell the difference between a MD source and a DAT or WAV recording, and DAT/WAV sources certainly sound "fuller" too me (no matter how great a MD source is) if that makes any sense, hence I can understand the motives behind this policy.

The person who started this thread has seeded two shows in two years, of which only one was an MD source complying with the rules here, so I dont get why being upset about the policy? it's been here for two years now and any recordings made with a MD before 2008 is still cool here. so chill down, seed the (pre 2008) stuff here if you want, if not, there's plenty of other places that will allow MD recordings. simple as that.
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