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Originally Posted by Audioarchivist View Post
This site is trying to be at the forefront of a higher standard of standardness (to steal an old bootleg label's tagline) and keeping quality to an amazing level. Although I had my doubts originally, I see their point.
i think that pretty much sums it up

Matlin -- personally, i have many MD recordings that i love, and still collect/trade them...but from the beginning, TTD's goal was to constantly push the level of standards higher and higher, continuing to stay at the forefront as new technologies arise...and we'll continue to do that, knowing that there are PLENTY of similar sites who aren't as "strict", where MD recordings can be seeded

as someone who was against the rule at first but changed my mind as discussions progressed, i came to understand that this wasn't an idea based outta audio snobbery or trust fund taper elitism, but simply to raise the bar on quality as newer technologies arose
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