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Re: MD master

After all the reasoning I've heard about the MD issue, I present you with the following scenario:

Taper A brings his Edirol to the sky-blue seats at Madison Square Garden and tapes band Y. The people to the left and right of Taper A are less interested in the show than their beers. They get talking. Loudly.
Taper B brings his MD to the tenth row center of the same concert. He is surrounded by people into it. The PA sound is loud enough to drown out any audience chatter. Both tapers happen to be using the same microphones.

Guess whose recording will make the more listenable and appealing recording. If you guessed Taper B, you are correct. But if you are on TTD, you will only get to hear Taper A's recording. That's a loss to the TTD community, if you ask me.

I can't see how an MD recording with proper lineage doesn't have a place on TTD--in the absence of a viable alternative.
Music is the best.

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