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Re: [Suggestion] Remove Ignored Users from Quotes

You are right, both of those things would be nice. However, both would add load to our servers because of increased queries due to not being able to use the vbulletin caching system.

The first - ignored users in quotes - would require I disable post caching here. All the posts are parsed (all the smilies turned into proper image html, the bbcode is turned into proper html, etc) and stored in a table for x amount of time. This helps when grabbing the post because the software doesn't have to parse it right there for the user - it just grabs it out of the postparsed table. If we had to remove quotes from ignored users, the post would have to be parsed for every user getting the post right then in order to remove content from the post for that particular user. That's just not very efficient.

As for it being in the Last Post column... again, it has to do with caching. vBulletin caches the Last Post info (and other stuff like Threads/Posts/description/etc) so it doesn't need to query the database everytime someone hits the main page. If we needed to remove ignored users, then we would have to get rid of the caching and instead do a query for each forum and look at the users ignore list to make sure no users in the Last Post were on the list. Again, not very efficient.

So, to summarize, it's not worth the increased load to the server to have to deal with a few ignored users, sorry.
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