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Re: Compact Flash/SD Flash file recovery...???

Originally Posted by sanpablobay View Post
i successfully used this program to recover .wav files from a CF card when i mistakenly started formatting over a show on it and from a different CF card when i had an error saying "parameters incorrect". hope it helps.

so now the plot thickens...

this site, when I emailed them, told me after I explained the situations, that I was fucked on the audio card, but should be fine on the photo card.

instead, the converse is true.

the 256MB photo card, it says EVERY sector is bad and nothing is recoverable.

the 4 gig audio card, it says has NO bad sectors, and all 3839MB ARE recoverable...but it broke the card into 30 "files" even though there were only 6 originally, and they want 40 bucks.

would I need to 'splice' them back together?

any help, again, would be appreciated...
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