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Compact Flash/SD Flash file recovery...???

Compact Flash is a 256MB card, I KNOW there's pictures on there, it wasn't bumped/dropped or anything, but I can't get anything off of the card...the lil' flashlight will roll around for a bit, then say "insert card" when the card is inserted into my card reader (it reads 15 different kinds of cards, $25 from the locak photo shop).

the SD Flash is a 4 gig, it has, in this order:

Tesla Denver soundcheck - intact (45m)
Tesla Denver show - missing/erased (1 hr, 50m)
Alvin Youngblood Hart Denver show - missing or not, can't remember (40m)
NMAS Denver show - intact (all Feb 12/14 '08) (2hr 45m)

the Edirol hit the ground while playing, but not with full force, as I jerked the cord back before full impact, Edirol is fine, still records.

funny part is, the Tesla show WASN'T playing, the NMAS part was, yet the NMAS is there, the Tesla isn't...???

any ideas???

I'll spend $$$ if necessary.

my goal is to dump the soundcheck/AYH/NMAS onto the harddrive, then maybe try to extract the missing Tesla Denver, but have no idea how to go about it.

help, please!

fucking digital...
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