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Re: ripping audio from dvd

Originally Posted by Ultra
He asked whether is was lossless. Not if he could post it. If he is not enquiring about posting it, why would he check the FAQ?
maybe he should of checked the FAQ's since he obviously isnt aware of the rules regarding seeding policy here. He asked if it would be ok to seed if it wasnt lossy. He could of answered his own question with a few minutes of research. maybe this site should require potential members to answer a set of questions regarding FAQ's and seeding policies before letting them register. That way it would encourage a bit of effort instead of the laziness exhibited time and time again by people asking questions that are clearly answered in the FAQ's.

Originally Posted by Ultra
Remember Ferris Bueller's quote about turning coal to diamonds? Seems to apply to a Bulls fan who responded here. Didn't Ferris Bueller happen in Chicago?

perhaps this mindless drivel should be saved for the "mindless drivel" forum aka lounge. This is technobabble, not idiotbabble...
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