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Re: FLAC, SHN, Conversions, etc...A virtual potpourri

Ok ran db and converted back down to flac. It failed the md5. So I took a look at the original flac file and the new one. They were different sizes. So I looked at the compression ratio, and the original was 4:1, while the new one was 3:1. Unfortunatly I had db set on "High" compression for flac. It only has low, medium and high settings, no 1-8. But the new file was only a little over 2megs larger, not bad for coming down from a 494mb wav file.

I was going to try and use flac frontend to encode it at 8, to see if that would bring the file back down to 121megs, but then remembered the ffp. Aslong as the new file passes the fingerprints, it is fine. So I ran the new file through flac frontend and they were the same.

Here is the output

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