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Winamp Pro allows you to Right-Click an album (send to) > Auto Tag

(also you can select entire albums and easily bulk update Artist/Album/Date
..which leaves only the song tracks to sort out - big time saver!)

Foobar2000 has a plugin called 'Live Show Tagger' (will parse .txt file > to Tags)

(problem is not every .txt is in the 'correct format' to parse - you'll need to adjust each .txt)

Album Art is easy:
Place .jpg in folder > rename to > folder.jpg
if your download didnt include hi-res art then google image search is your friend.
I'll post a script later that will auto-rename any/all .jpg's (within folder/ all subdirectories) to folder.jpg

these two methods worked best for myself (TB's of untagged music..ugh!). I'd like to hear what others used.
there is no solution that works 100% with live shows - it can take months.

hope this helps happy thanksgiving

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