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I have recently started to put all my bootlegs on to there own hard drive, this is going to take some time. I am useing softwere called tag and rename to have all my cds(bootlegs) in order i want with tracklisting etc
Ok i have and understand how to rename albums tracks etc my problem is how do i add my own art work i have, I have all the art work on the hard drive but how do i add it to tag and rename so when you click the album it comes up. I no this is easy to do with offical realses on amazon but how do you add your own art work.
Will i need some other sort of softwere for this.
I want to have all my bootlegs on a hard drive to manage them i use tag and rename to change information use media monkey as a juke box and play them thtough winamp...
Any help advice be great
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