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Re: rippimng audio from dvd

Re arrange these words to make a sentenece... it was only a joke bloody. So i fucked up,whats with the heavy attitudes on here.
Can you tell me then in which part of the faq i would have found the answer to my question which was,if i rip audio from a dvd ,is it lossless.Show me which part of the faq i should have gone into.please

Mission Statement
Audio BitTorrent Seeding Policy
Video BitTorrent Seeding Policy
Band Restriction Policy
So, where is the tracker?
Posting Guidelines
Audio Seeding and Trading
Video Seeding and Trading
BitTorrent General FAQs
B&Ps, Vines, Trees, Loops, Snail Mail Trades, Etc.
Technical FAQs, Tips, and Tricks
Freeware Software Links. Look Inside If You're Stuck!
Hardware Players
The Traders' Den User Options

vBulletin FAQ
User Maintenance
General Forum Usage
Reading and Posting Messages

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