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Re: transfers from hi-fi vhs tape

Separate pass for audio? Depends on several factors, but generally it's not preferable.

If you can capture video and audio together using your capturing card without any weird issues (ground loop, buzz, high noise levels, whatever), this should be the best option, since most capturing cards ensure that audio and video strictly stay in sync.

Syncing up the audio later on can be a pain, since you can't rely on vhs being played back at constant speed. Audio recorded in a second pass might be longer, shorter, or even fluctuating in speed/pitch in a way that does not match the first pass (video recording). Compensating for this can be a painfully tedious (and somewhat lossy) process.

Furthermore I'd advise against the standalone dvd recorder option as well, both for the reasons New Homebrew brought up (it'd prevent you from applying further filtering unless you introduce another lossy step) and for the simple fact that these often come with mpeg2 encoders that are inferior to good software solutions like the CinemaCraft encoder (even the basic version of that blows most standalones outta the water afaik)
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