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Making the switch from CD to DVD Archival: Any tips?

Ok, so I'm finally doing it, making the big switch from CD to DVD archival. I've got two GINORMOUS tupperware containers full of slim spine CD cases, all with typed spine labels, one per show. It's just getting to be to much work, not too mention too much to store and sort through. So, I'm getting ready to transfer everything over to the much more reliable DVD media. Here's my question.. How the hell do I know what is where? Is there some sort of method ya'll use to keep a list somewhere that says "This show is on DVD disc #139" etc? Should I incorporate it into my tradelist @ db, or have a seperate spreadsheet to do this? Totally lost here.. Thanks for the help... By the way, I'm gonna have a TON of B&Ps coming up, so keep your eyes open!
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