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Re: FLAC, SHN, Conversions, etc...A virtual potpourri

Originally Posted by Gizby
This much I can tell you not to do. While it is not going to damage or alter the audio (at least it shouldn't), it is generally frowned upon and I believe such conversions are not allowed on this site. It also makes for a somewhat confusing lineage, leaving people to guess exactly why someone would do such a thing.
This site is concerned with maintaining audio integrity, not with maintain large archives of outdated codecs. The belief that people can learn to convert to the more useful FLAC format and doublecheck their work is something new in the trading commuity, and an ideal we wanted to base our site on. There are some people who would have liked to make this an all-FLAC site, but a degree of prudence prevailed and we decided to simply suggest it, but not make it mandatory.

In order to keep things verifiable, we have also asked that all seeds contain shntool md5s and/or FLAC fingerprints (identical) so that the checksum becomes format-independant. Once there is a fingerprint of the audio archived, anyone can convert to any current or future lossless codec, and the fingerprint will remain identical.

Yes...we're looking towards the future and trying not to get stuck in the past....
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