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Re: transfers from hi-fi vhs tape

When you say "good capture card", which card are you referring to?

My recommendation would be to buy (or borrow) a good standalone DVD recorder, ensuring that it can record uncompressed LPCM audio tracks. You can then rip the contents of those DVDs to your PC, losslessly edit them (using something like Womble MPEG editor) and then compile your final DVDs.

The advantage of going the PC route would be that you have a lot more control over the editing and encoding process. But the hardest part of the whole process is good analog->digital conversion of the video. You should spend as much money and time on this part of the process as possible.

If you want to preserve your master tapes, then you can, of course, experiment with other tapes (of a similar age and quality). But I do think you will need to experiment in order to get the best possible results.

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