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Re: FLAC, SHN, Conversions, etc...A virtual potpourri

Originally Posted by dorrcoq
does foobar2000 support APE files, and SHN or FLAC > APE conversions?
Yup...interestingly enough, it allows SHN > FLAC, SHN > APE, but does include an SHN encoder with the Special Installer. So, you can convert from SHN to anything, but not back into SHN without installing an outside plugin. Methinks someone has wised up to the fact that SHN is an outdated codec, and is gently prodding people into looking at other options.

Another nice option is that it can take your FLAC or APE files and compress them to MP3 or OGG...I used this for storing favorite shows on my hard drive so I don't have to dig through DVDs to get at them. Transfers the tags over from the original FLAC/APE/SHN as well, so no typing is needed.
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