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Re: Best program to join mpeg-2 files without re-encoding video?

Originally Posted by peaktime View Post
It may be easier to make chapters from one clip, but it isn't necessary. If one song spans two clips, then delete the 00.00.00 chapter that tmpgenc will add by default at the beginning of each clip, and otherwise chapter it like you normally would.

Also, 3.0 doesn't re-encode unless it finds something wrong with the files. But this is getting repetitive now. You could try VideoReDo or maybe even VOB Merge to join them into one file. Good luck.
A freeware program.

See, if you mentioned the freeware program in your first post, there would be no need for all this repetition. I know how to put in the chapters, but I just don't fell like dealing with the extra annoyance. I've already dealt with enough annoying stuff today.

Thanks, and have a good night.

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