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Re: Best program to join mpeg-2 files without re-encoding video?

I had to do this recently myself. I tried joining several mpg2 clips with VideoReDo after cutting the original with VideoReDo and making patch clips, but found that VideoReDo couldn't join them successfully. Time would be missing and it would go out of sync I think. What I wound up doing was adding the clips to TMPGEnc DVD Author 3.0, and joining them that way. TMPGEnc joined and authored these without re-encoding, as the entire DVD was rendered in about 15 minutes. If it had re-encoded the clips, it would have taken hours and said "encoding" in the window.

TMPGEnc 1.6 doesn't even have an encoder, so if it accepts the clips it will join and author them without re-encoding, into one title set if you want.

The only thing that disappointed me was that after joining the clips, there would be a slight audio hiccup at the transition between the clips. I think the fix for this is to demux the joined authored semifinal dvd, and then with an audio pencil tool redraw the wav at those transition points so there is no pop. This would only matter if the footage was a continuous show. If they were clips from different shows, you could author each clip as a separate title (I'm not sure how many titles you can have per DVD).

a little long winded, but I hope it helps.
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