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Re: Question about super-seeding...

Originally Posted by mackinac
I figured I'd just ask my question about super-seeding in this topic instead of starting a new one... I hope it's not inappropriate.

I've read a comment by an uploader here that super-seeding mode will cause their upload speed to slow down if there are only a few leechers (in the beginning) and they are not sharing effectively with the swarm.

My experience with, and understanding of, super-seeding mode is that it seeks to prevent the distribution of redundant data, and has no (intended) impact on upload rate. So I'm curious as to how this unintentional side effect might actually come about. How can the piece distribution within the swarm have an impact on the uploader's rate? Is there a potential slow-down due to extra time needed to determine what pieces to send, or what?

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The super-seed feature in S-5.5 and on is a new seeding algorithm designed to help
a torrent initiator with limited bandwidth "pump up" a large torrent, reducing the
amount of data it needs to upload in order to spawn new seeds in the torrent.

When a seeding client enters "super-seed mode", it will not act as a standard seed,
but masquerades as a normal client with no data. As clients connect, it will then
inform them that it received a piece -- a piece that was never sent, or if all
pieces were already sent, is very rare. This will induce the client to attempt to
download only that piece.

When the client has finished downloading the piece, the seed will not inform it of
any other pieces until it has seen the piece it had sent previously present on at
least one other client. Until then, the client will not have access to any of the
other pieces of the seed, and therefore will not waste the seed's bandwidth.

This method has resulted in much higher seeding efficiencies, by both inducing
peers into taking only the rarest data, reducing the amount of redundant data sent,
and limiting the amount of data sent to peers which do not contribute to the swarm.
Prior to this, a seed might have to upload 150% to 200% of the total size of a
torrent before other clients became seeds. However, a large torrent seeded with a
single client running in super-seed mode was able to do so after only uploading
105% of the data. This is 150-200% more efficient than when using a standard seed.

Super-seed mode is *NOT* recommended for general use. While it does assist in the
wider distribution of rare data, because it limits the selection of pieces a
client can downlad, it also limits the ability of those clients to download data
for pieces they have already partially retrieved. Therefore, super-seed mode is
only recommended for initial seeding servers.
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