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Re: Direct Download Section

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
what is an 'ftp replacement site' ?

what makes it a 'replacement' rather than just an ftp server?
that's what yousendit calls itself... still searching for a generic term for this kind of site

okay so the writing is on the wall,


post them here:

"code" the links by using (code) at the beginning and (/code) at the end -- replace round brackets with square ones to make it work.

eg it should make it look something like this:

a link
another link
some more links
spanning rar, zip, 7-zip or hj split, the usual packing methods you see around.

no refering links (eg linkbucks, etc etc). avoid hosts which are unreliable and slow (<15kbps) for non-paying downloaders (eg, letitbit, etc). if it becomes necessary we will make up a list of banned hosts, in the meantime just use common sense.

normal seeding rules apply!


check that all links are working before you start! help us clean out dead links by using the "" and post in the thread, maybe somebody will re-upload for you.
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