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Re: FLAC, SHN, Conversions, etc...A virtual potpourri

I used dbPowerAmp for a while, but had some strange things happen to files that I couldn't explain. I can't say for sure that what was the culprit, but I found some files that had short sections of the end cut off (fractions of a second) so that the tracks didn't flow seamlessly.

I also did some direct SHN > FLAC conversions where a large spike was inserted at the beginning of each of the FLAC files, cause a loud and obnoxious click at the track transition....these flaws would have cause the files to fail a bitverification, btu dbPowerAmp doesn't have that feature.

I don't recommend this program, and if you do use it, I'd offer the opinion that you should use foobar or shntool and do a bitverification (or comparison for shntool) to ensure that your files are indeed acoustically identical. I runined a few sets by not doing so, and regret it now....
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