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Re: 48k >44.1k = SBE

My point was why not keep the 48K files and delete the 44.1 files after you burn your audio CD?

If you are going to archive the 44.1 files and throw away the 48K ones you might as well just convert them to a high quality lossy format and toss the wave files completely.

48k files shouldn't be that much larger than 44.1 unless they also happen to be 24 bit files. If they are 24 bit files then I would definitely keep them. Tossing them in favor of 44.1/16 files is a waste.

What's the point in archiving the 44.1 files at all if you have an audio CD of them? By the time your CD dies on you and you want to burn another one you'll really wish you had kept the 48K (24bit?) files since they will eventually be the standard.
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