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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Originally Posted by bay1971 View Post
i don't know this site because i'm new here. but if it's anything like the sites i do know, i'd say that there's a chance that some of the worst remaster engineers will get on the approved list merely because they are friends of moderators (or they have some influence over them) at other websites.
doubtful...honestly i can only think of a very small handful of non-staff that get preferential treatment so to speak [but they don't remaster anything] for this topic, a few on staff would probly ban any source that isn't raw, and the rest of us could care less what any remasterer has to say

a few of my favorite tapers quit u/ling here when we banned MiniDisc recordings because they used MD...nothing personal, but im not gonna change my opinion on the policy because a few folks refuse to quit using a lossy recording can always find yer MD sources, or bedroom remasters, or mp3 shows, etc at many othere sites on the net

truth is there ARE some people out there who know what they're doin...there are a lot more who don't...i fully confident in my ears & knowledge to be able to discern, as are many others on staff
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