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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Since no one is going to agree whether remastered recordings should be allowed or whether they are superior to the source recordings, it should be necessary that the person who uploads the remastered recording provide samples of each version to let the user compare the 2 and decide whether its worth a download. There's no way to say "THIS IS DEFINITELY THE SUPERIOR VERSION THAT EVERYONE WILL PREFER."
I know some people here think they have that ability but they are speaking for themselves and that's it, as much as they might think they are an authority or official spokesmen for everyone using the site. Perception of sound is subjective and varies from person to person. I don't see why an alternate version should be banned if there are users who appreciate them.
As far as all these childish personal comments go, these are the people who should be silenced. They do nothing but add negativity and the tendency towards blind ignorance to this great site.
I mean seriously, does someone who adds the following tags for this thread:
"ban the face07, face07 is a tool, face07 is just a tweaker, live & let live - right?, playing with software, theface07 curried mutton, tweaker!"
really have anything worthwhile to contribute? Maybe so. If they do, I've completely missed the point of free trade and technical discussions about audio data manipulation..
I guess my gargantuan ego is too big for me to notice any purpose.
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